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Logo design and branding for open source projects – tools for those activities, and more. If you would like a reviewer, or help with anything else in this area, please come in!

Hi all,
we started a project a while ago that lists “all” foss, floss, free, libre and open source software events in europe. You find it under https://floss.events

Meanwhile we have grown in popularity and we recently got the offer to become a media partner for a conference. So I created a logo. I like it for several reasons but I am a bit unsure about the colors to use. I currently have two version: one with a red star and one with a green star. Before I influence your thoughts I directly like to ask about your feeback before writing more about my thoughts.

Actually I am not sure how or if I can attach my designs here, but you find them already online:
You can see the red-star logo in action here: https://twitter.com/FLOSS_events
And the green star logo in action here: https://mastodon.social/@FLOSS_events

Thanks a lot for your thoughts and feedback!