In need of a logo design volunteer for //

Hi @rezaalmanda thank you very much for this proposal, I think it is a very nice logo with simple lines but a lot of ingenuity. However, I do not yet see it with // I too much have to see a lock or a door …

Hi @sfajon wow, that looks really cool, I like it. There are however some drawbacks:
a) I guess the way you put the OS logo is too close to the original, attention, you are nor allowed to reuse it this way
b) I miss a little bit a connection to “people”, it could be in the OS logo as in my proposal above or on the ground, instead of the arrows. this could be people spreading their arms, maybe?
c) although I like the arrows a lot and I think they are very eye-catchy, I think having the location mark and the arrows in one logo is a bit redundant / repetitive

Hope this feedback finds you well, as said, the idea is very nice and the style very catchy, thank you very much!

Ok, Thanks for the feeback, I’ll try to create some alternatives then :smiley:

Hi Dreirik,
thanks for the feedback.
Upon you remarks, I came with a different approach.

I like to keep the star as a continuity of your original logo.

Thought of a group of 5 peoples, like the 5 branches of a star,
joining hand together, around the keyhole.

This version fits a circle or square, so it could easily be used on any support
(website, social network etc…)

Now, this logo might no be easily readable at small size.
So we can think of an icon declination


I like the way you melt things down into a simple logo, however I have to admit the star is not very important. It was more or less just “something” to put into the calendar and since I am not a designer at all I remembered one of my favorite bands had a similar star on their first album and asked in an interview they stated “we did not know what to put so we put a star because a star is a very powerful symbol”, so I put a star …

So having the star as an important part of our next logo really is not necessary and other symbols like the location pin seem to fit way more from their actual meaning

btw, I might come across as I would speak here for myself but there is also weeman who is my mate from //, with whom I discuss every design. He likes to greet all of you and he is really impressed by so many replies and interactivity within this forum. Thank you all so much for such a helpful community <3

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We think there is still a lot of magic in this simple logo:

this might seem boring, but it has some advantages:
a) it is simple
b) uses common symbols, making it on one hand boring but on the other hand intuitively understandable
c) it combines “open source” (the keyhole), “people” (the keyhole, read as a person pin in a game), “event” (location symbol) and “unity” (the ring below)

so if someone is interested in creating a nice logo out of this sketch, that would be highly appreciated. (for example I like the point of view on the star in @sfajon first proposal, could be used for the circle as well). But we also understand if you think this is too boring, no worries. We are still open for other proposals : )

Hi Dreirik,
I agree, your idea already has all it needs in terms of symbols.

Here is a vector version of your sketch, which I believe has harmonious proportions :
If you like it just like that, I can deliver the SVG file.

But in my opinion, this images suffers of a bit too much emptiness.
A fill color would propably give it a bigger visual impact.


Hi Sylvain, again I am very sorry coming back to this thread with such a delay. I want to thank you very much for your work and I think we are absolutely in the right direction. However, it does not yet scale very good. For example in the size that we use the logo on our front page it is barely identifiable.

I have an idea if we remove the bottom at the circle and maybe spin a circle around the geo pin, it might be easier to understand. Would you have interest in working on this? Then we can also go in a one-on-one together to discuss the details?

Best, Erik