Improve the text on our jobs page

After the UX Clinic at FOSS Backstage 2021 the Open Source Design folks in attendance discussed the limiting nature of the wording on the jobs page:

Need a logo designed, a usability study, or an interface-facelift? Our diverse community and extended network have got you covered.

It was suggested that we don’t ‘lead’ with logo design or visual design along with some other improvements I’ll list here:

  1. Balance the text copy 50/50 between visual design and non-visual design e.g. usability tests, research, design strategy etc.

  2. Offer some links to help potential job requests better understand non-visual design. e.g. either external links to explanations (maybe Nielsen Norman) or we write our own!

  3. We could offer to do ‘bookable’ video chats to help FOSS projects better understand what they want to request, kind of like our FOSDEM pitch your project or UX clinic. (Eriol: Happy to try to set up a calendly system on my personal calendar to try to facilitate and test this? but also aware that calendly isn’t FOSS and maybe Nextcloud could do that?)

So community! any ideas on how to tackle these concerns and re-word some of the text :slight_smile: