Open Source Design Bay Area

Hi all, I’d like to know if there is interest in creating a meetup for OSD Bay Area. I know many people from this region that would be able to join and contribute. Please state your interest by liking this post! Or by commenting.

UPDATE: we started the meetup group here: JOIN US!


I’m not in the Bay area but this is super cool and I totally support it :slight_smile:

We have our monthly team call next week on Wednesday the 6th of November if you’d like to add this to the agenda to talk through?


Sounds good, @Erioldoesdesign
I’ll add this to my calendar

Also not in the Bay Area myself, but there’s some folks in our lists:

cc from these groups who have accounts here on the forum: @jen @neynah @sophiakc

Also cc @dmichl @toolness @davelab6 @simonv3 @iamjessklein @RichardLitt @amit.lzkpa @ryangorley @mkfnch @ponnuki @tessgadwa @tauriedavis @lama_89 @jcklpe @jtmorgan (and probably more on here) who are in the US or Canada as far as I know and might know people in the Bay Area. :slight_smile:


I’m in Austin Texas which is a bit of a ways from the Bay. But if anyone is in Austin for SXSW this next year, hit me up! I’m hosting a panel for Tech Worker’s Coalition and would be willing to host an unofficial FOSS Design event too.

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the group was created on Meetup here:
Please help us to spread the word! And, if you are in the Bay Area, please join us!


Great news, I just added myself for the future when i visit. Are you planning on having an event soon? Let me know if you need any help/questions. Will spread awareness on twitter in the meantime.