Open Design Kit

(simonv3) #1

Posted on IRC / Riot by @/thematizer (dunno what your username is on here, sorry!) this looks like a good overview toolkit that we should contribute to and talk about:

It reminds me of this thing that we have, just quite a bit better:

(Philip Durbin) #2

Oh, that’s @tessgadwa who posted it. Looks neat!

(Julien Deswaef) #3

It’s an initiative by @iamjessklein, with the help of others :slight_smile:
She presented it at the local NYC meetup last week.

(iamjessklein) #4


Thanks @xuv for pinging.

@pdurbin I’m working on a post to share my slides from my presentation from last week but it would be AMAZING if more people contributed to this project to make it better and more accessible. I will update this feed when the slides/post is up.

(Philip Durbin) #5

Ah, I see you’re the number 1 commiter, @iamjessklein . Cool. I’m looking at

I see you’re using a “help wanted” label on GitHub issues too. Great. You seem to be doing everything right. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jdittrich) #6

Very happy to see that the kit now has a standard license – the liberal CC-BY!