Open Collective Page Design: Text with border

Our open collective page has a white header font with a black border/shadow, which looks a bit strange:


Could we switch to a black font, a white font or make the drop shadow less border-looking?

We can not influence the design in detail like this I’m afraid. There’s either a background image (in which case it looks like that) or not a background image.

If you have a suggestion, you could open an issue at

I see – I inferred we can change it since some do not have the border, e.g. LinuxServer. Checking closer though, I also note that it is less obvious with some other organizations since they have darker background images (1,2,3)

The quick fix would probably be to darken the images background the center area a bit making the text border less obvious.

Right – @elioqoshi has a version of the image with dark purple
overlayed, for the new website design. Maybe we can use that there too?