PublicCode.Directory UI / UX design help needed


I’m not sure this is the right place for my idea / proposal but here it goes:

I’m working with the PublicCode.Directory project and I need your opinion / help with the graphical design / UI / UX of the project.

Some of the project main goals are:

  • Provide an easily searchable federated database for Open Source Projects
  • Filtering done using interests of the End-User / Decision Maker
    • Language,
    • Licensing,
    • Type of resource,
    • Category of projects
    • etc …
  • Simplicity in narrowing down projects that are of interest to the end user
  • The audience of the project is people working in local / central public institutions and with decision making power
  • The website thus will need to look ‘professional / corporate’

So I am kindly asking for your opinions / potential paid help with the page design, interface, logo, colours, etc … (design choices that I cannot simple make by myself as I am not experienced in this field)

Looking forward to your constructive criticisms and valuable ideas

You could submit it as a job on our Open Source Design job board. :slight_smile:

Some small notes:

  • Missing a way to add Open Source Projects. Maybe this is done only internally.
  • There is no search on the website, nor a filter for the ListView.
  • The ListView links open the details. If I want to visit the project, I need to copy&paste the URL, or some are completely missing the URL.
  • There are inconsistency between what views offer, for example:
    • It’s good that the GridView provides some tag filtering, but the functionality should be present also in ListView. Plus, allow filtering per columns in the ListView.
    • WorldMap overlay takes you outside of the website, instead of providing more details about the projects (in the same way the GridView and ListView do).
  • Usually for this target comparison tables between projects work best. Determine what are the most important criteria and provide an easy way to compare them.
  • The project descriptions are very technical. You need to adapt your wording / tone according to the target.

For this you will need to create a job on the Job Board. Just a note that there are a lot of projects requesting for feedback / work, and we are a handful of volunteers. It depends on the time frame of your project, but I hope someone will be able to help.

Thank you both for you information and the constructive criticism.

I’ll post this into the jobs area so that it can potentially get a better viewing and potentially even more commentary - why not a proposed solution (free or paid)

@evalica thank you in particular for the time taken to write individual answers to my ideas

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