Projectwise - A platform for open source projects to find design help

Hi Everyone,

I am Yogesh and recently created something called Projectwise. Projectwise is an open source platform for open-source projects to find design help. Maintainers of these projects can list their projects and designers can come on board to find projects they can help with.

Projectwise also helps designers to find real world projects they can work on. The idea is to create a community where design and open-source can help each other out.


Hey @itsyogesh! :slight_smile: Cool stuff – this seems exactly what our Open Source Design job board is doing already too.

It would be awesome to join forces if you are up for it. Much easier to work on things together – we already have a bunch of jobs collected over the years, and integration with this forum for the discussions. And @elioqoshi has a mockup for a design improvement lying around somewhere. :wink:

cc @evalica @belenbarrospena @ei8fdb @dmichl @xuv as well

Hi @jan,

Really glad to see you liked it. I came across the open source design community a few days and feel in love with what you guys are trying to do. I created Projectwise because I felt open source needs designers to help improve their projects.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are about in terms of collaborations. The Job board looks super interesting with some really big name projects.

I have also been thinking about working on figuring out a broader reach for projects that require help and making sure designers are considered first class citizens when it comes to open source projects. Two issues I’ve seen since I’ve started working on this. Would love to hear your thoughts on this too.


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This is lovely and so exciting to see, I will poke around in the next few days and see if there’s anything I can add or do to help :slight_smile: thank you @itsyogesh for sharing!

Hello @itsyogesh, nice to meet you. Welcome to the OSD collective.

Syndication of jobs to each job board would be one thing I can think of.

@itsyogesh do you have an idea of the usage of your Projectwise board?

BTW: if you’re based in Europe, you’re very welcome to our summit in November (in Tirana) and FOSDEM in Jan/Feb 2019.


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