Nextcloud Conference 2018: August 23–30 at TU Berlin

The annual Nextcloud Conference is going to happen again this August! :blush::tada:

We are a very design-driven project and it would be awesome to have more people at the conference! There’s plenty of ways to get involved, be it on the web interface, mobile apps, desktop app, video calls, etc.

  • :date: August 23 to 30 (conference days the weekend 25–26, rest hackweek)
  • :world_map:TU Berlin (Mathematics building, Straße des 17. Juni 136, 10623 Berlin)
  • :free: Free entrance and lunch
  • :tickets:Diversity Tickets if you are not in Berlin and need support for travel/accomodation, apply for a diversity ticket! :slight_smile:

So register now for free and submit a talk or workshop! :clap:

See you there!