ApacheCon October 22-24, 2019 in Berlin

Hi everyone,

As some of you already know, we have been discussing an opportunity to organize a design track at European ApacheCon this year.

As it was already announced, ApacheCon EU will take place on 22-24 October in Berlin.

I have been in touch with Myrle from Apache Foundation, she suggested organizing a half-day Design Track (full day if we can fill it up) and maybe a design clinic stand for half a day (depending on how many people we have)

Official site in the development and as I understood, call for participation is not open yet.

Please let me know:

  1. If you are interested to organize the track, I will include you in emails and so on.
  2. If you are considering to apply with a talk.
  3. Your questions about the Apache Foundation, conference, organizational details and so on.

@jan, @evalica, @belenbarrospena, @ei8fdb, @elioqoshi, @jdittrich, @AnXh3L0, @antonela

Once I know more details on the application process, I will post it here.


Great stuff @victoria-bondarchuk, thanks!

  1. If you are interested to organize the track, I will include you in emails and so on.
  2. If you are considering to apply with a talk.
  3. Your questions about the Apache Foundation, conference, organizational details and so on.
  1. Most likely yes. By that time I will be based in Berlin as well.
  2. Pretty sure yes.
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Hi. I would be happy to help with the organization. Also I would like to submit a talk :slight_smile: any idea what Apache community members would be interested in hearing about? :slight_smile:
I’ve asked on Twitter (https://twitter.com/evalica/status/1105052330939084800 and https://twitter.com/myrleKrantz/status/1105059360730959872 ) to get more insight on the expectations.

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Regarding this topic I’m curious if we can get a discount ticket or do we need to follow the normal registration process (https://apachecon.com/aceu19/register.html)? Not sure if the speakers have special advantages (https://apachecon.com/aceu19/schedule.html)?

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@elioqoshi and @evalica awesome! Thank you for your support!

Great question. As I understood speakers get the free conference ticket. I will make sure to ask about the process and will post it here!

@victoria-bondarchuk please ask if there are also discounts for partners (like husband) :slight_smile: Thank you!

I am very much up for a trip to Berlin in October :slight_smile:

  1. If you are interested to organize the track, I will include you in emails and so on.

Yes, happy to help with the organising.

  1. If you are considering to apply with a talk.

Yes: I will be submitting something, mostly to save the registration fee :wink:

  1. Your questions about the Apache Foundation, conference, organizational details and so on.

What kind of formats could we explore? I’ve mentioned before I would like to experiment with organising some training on specific methods (e.g. usability testing). That would require more of a workshop format (3-4 hours), with limited number of attendees (about 20). Would the Apache Foundation be open to something like that? It might not be part of the design track proper: maybe before or after it, as an add-on of sorts.


Would be cool also to do similar sessions like Simply Secure is doing at IFF:


I’d be happy to help with any amount of sessions :slight_smile:

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Great idea with usability testing, I will pitch it to Myrle, and get back to you with some ideas about time and space we have, as well as how we can announce it.

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Looks really interesting, the feedback session, I think it is very similar to our design clinic. And Myrle was very enthusiastic about that and suggested to have it as a separated from the track activity. Paper prototyping is in a way similar to @belenbarrospena idea on usability workshop. I think all hands-on activities are great to have!

Let’s collect ideas and discuss together before applying.

It looks like the call for proposals for ApacheCon Europe is now out


If we want to submit a proposal to the open source design track, I guess we use the submission system like everybody else, right?

It looks like they have a blind review process is place. Will they need OSD to review the submissions for the design track? Will there be anything else required from us?

Yes @belenbarrospena, thank you!
Indeed call for proposals is there and will be open until May 26th, 2019 . So we have more than one month to fill half day track (if we have more application it can be full day.

How to apply
To submit your proposal please register here After your completed your registration go to “Dashboard” -> “Add Content” -> “Session”. Please submit each proposal as a separate session.

  • Adding session interface

  • Choose Open Source Design track46

  • Duration is 20/40/90 minutes. However, we if we want to make a longer workshop it is also possible, just need to say so in the description. @belenbarrospena and @elioqoshi you suggested workshop format, it is possible to make it longer than 90 minutes! 47

Selection process
As an owner of the track Open Source Design community can choose how to vote, I mentioned to the organizers that we like to use open voting, they said it is our choice.

Travel support
I was told that the application for travel support should appear when you submit your talk. I haven’t seen it yet, but I also haven’t gone through the whole submission process. Travel support managed not EU ApacheCon team but by Apache foundation. Once I know more, I will update you here.

Organizers discount
All spikers get a free ticket for the conference. And we will be also provided a code for tickets discount if we want to invite someone. Once I get it, I will let you know.

Ideas for talks
I know that @belenbarrospena, @elioqoshi, @evalica, @jan wanted to participate. @ei8fdb? People in Berlin? @jdittrich?

I was thinking about the general talks:

  • State of design in open source community. History, communities, tools
  • Introduction talk about Open Source Design
  • @belenbarrospena I have suggested your idea about a usability workshop for a limited number of people. Once I get an answer I will post it here. However, I think it is also possible to organize within the track if we want/
  • @elioqoshi I would be happy to help for any of those sessions you suggested. How did it go at IFF, what is your experience?

What do you think?
Shall we also talk about it during our monthly call? It is on May 1, isn’t it?

Once again, I think it would be great to meet you all in Berlin in October and explore new territories for our community. :purple_heart:


I won’t be able to make it since I’m in holidays, but if you take notes would be great.

I plan to submit a proposal for “UX/UI Tips & Tricks for developers” (because of the audience of the conference) maybe with before / after images of how to apply certain design principles on interfaces. I need to think about how long it should be (20 / 40 minutes :slight_smile: maybe something in between? :slight_smile: but could accommodate questions).

Thanks @victoria-bondarchuk for answering some of the questions and giving more details on the topic.

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@evalica sounds great. I also think that such practical talks usually are very well accepted in technical conferences. Looking forward to it! :grinning:

I could do that general introduction to our Open Source Design collective, just like at FOSDEM? (20 minutes length I’d say is enough, and we could encourage people to take only 20 minutes for a diverse array of talks?) Of course it would be cool to do it together too. :slight_smile: (Or even just with everyone being on stage so people know who to talk to.)

Hi everyone,

ApacheCon Call for participation’s deadline is coming - 26 of May. We have 8 submissions not sure if all of them are design related (some seems to be on a technical side), however, I think not everyone who wanted has applied yet.
@jan, @evalica, @elioqoshi? Have you submitted a talk? Do you need help with that?

@belenbarrospena, @ei8fdb and I will be also organizing a workshop on the day 3 of the conference… I think @belenbarrospena will update everyone once it decided.

Also, we are given 3 codes to get the committer price for the conference tickets. In case if any of our members want to join but don’t submit a talk. I think the committer discount is 50%.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Victoria.

I have submitted my talk, for some time now. Hope it’s in the right category. My only comment is that I would like 30 minutes, but the only options where 20 or 40. Is not clear if this includes questions or not.

Regarding committer codes, if my talk gets accepted, I would kindly ask for 1 such code.
Let me know of there is anything else I can help.

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Thanks for the reminder Victoria. I will make sure to submit this weekend :slight_smile:

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Great, thank you. The system doesn’t show the names, but I think I have seen your talk there. I think we can discuss time as we work on the schedule later, and see if we want to include questions. I will keep you updated. Thank you again for your support.
And regarding the committer codes, we got them just because you asked.^^ I will keep one booked for you, and we need to think about how to distribute the rest.

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Elio, please do and do not hesitate to submit only a title and abstract to reserve the spot!