ApacheCon North America

Hi all,

While I was at the FOSDEM stand, Rich Bowen from CentOS came to say hi. He is organising this year’s ApacheCon North America (https://apachecon.com/acna2020/index.html), which is happening in New Orleans from 28 September to 2 October. He asked if we would be willing to provide some design content for the conference.

We discussed how the logistics for us are more challenging than for a European conference, but we do have some active members in the US, so going ahead with this is mostly up to them. @dmichl and @amit.lzkpa is this something you would be interested in doing?

This is just my personal take, but I think organising something smaller than in Berlin (2-3 presentations), and catering for developers with more hands-on, introductory subjects could work well. For instance, @evalica’s “UX/UI tricks for developers” seems to me like a really good fit. Of course if @evalica was to agree to go all the way to New Orleans, she would need some travel support. They do have a travel assistance programme (https://www.apache.org/travel/), but I have no experience of it. I believe some people did receive travel support for Berlin last year: maybe they can share their experience with it.

I told Rich Bowen I would email him after FOSDEM: I’ll be doing that today. But I wanted to post something beforehand so that everybody knows about this, and to have a public place to discuss the subject.

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Participating to ApacheCon North America sounds like a good opportunity to advocate for Open Source Design and interact more with Apache community members. Regarding content, I could try to present the Tips&Tricks or even come up with Part II of the series. It also depends on how long the presentation needs to be. The current talk takes 20-25 minutes.

Indeed it would be much convenient for US based people to participate. I’m curious who would like / can join.

Regarding the travel expenses, I would be curious to know if they were partially, covered just accommodation or also transport, food. @AnXh3L0 @Renata ? Also, I need to see the VISA requirements.

It is indeed more complicated to participate, but if we will be like 3 members and have some clear objectives, we should do it. Curious on your thoughts.

Hey @evalica,

For ApacheCon Europe the past year, we were covered flight + accomodation and a stipend to cover some costs during the stay.

I agree with @evalica that this is a great opportunity for Open Source Design and if the objects are clear and upfront we should do it. I’m excited and happy to help organize any way I can but can’t attend due to personal/medical reasons.

@evalica Yes they cover both acommodation and transport. They will also send invitation letter for VISA, so let them know if you need one.

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I think @evalica’s UX Tips and Tricks talk would be a very good fit - it was really well received at ApacheCon Europe and also FOSDEM this year. I saw lots of people taking notes and heads nodding. :smiley:

If there was 1) demand and 2) facilities available, I’d also like to propose a “how to conduct a usability test workshop” like @belenbarrospena did this year at FOSDEM and last year at Apachecon.

I think also a panel discussion on design (many possible topics) would be a good way of bringing up the topic of design. Panellists would need to be representative and include design, and non-design people.

Then maybe 1 (or 2) other talk(s)?

  • UX Tips and tricks, @evalica (assuming she wants to do it! :slight_smile: )
  • Panel discussion on “Design” (specific topic to be discussed)
  • 1 (or 2) other talk
  • workshop

Any thoughts?


That sounds great!
Even I agree UX Tips and Tricks talk would be a good fit.

I would happy to help in anyway.
Am also curious about attending, but not certain yet.