FOSS Backstage 2023 Meetup

Hi folks!

Since some of us are in Berlin this coming week for FOSS Backstage, I thought it might be nice to meet up in person and catch up.

Current proposal: trespassers (the owner is friendly, they have a selection of drinks and good snacks for those who didn’t get a chance to eat).

How about March 13th 19:00-21:30?

Add a :raised_hand: below to indicate your attendance, I can make a reservation accordingly!

@jdittrich @Erioldoesdesign @nim @AnXh3L0 @Renata and more!


Awesome! I’ll be there :smiley: will be lovely to hang out with the OSD folks again so soon after FOSDEM etc.

I’ll be there :smiley: along with Elio, @ergish and @axhakani

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:raised_hand: Sign me up as well!