Monthly Open Source Design call

In preparation for today’s Monthly Design Call, I have created the template on the event page according to @Erioldoesdesign 's suggestion. If you are interested, please feel free to make improvements. Maybe someone can also pin my post to the top of the new thread, as I’m not familiar with it yet.

For tonight, I would be interested to know where we are with this project, who is active (perhaps in the background) for which part and what we can tackle next to create a vibrant community that further anchors the UX idea in the open source world.

I’m gladly looking forward to seeing you this evening.

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Minutes from the Design Community Call on June 5, 2024:

Participants: @SvenPu, Otto Richter from the Codeberg project

Today I had the chance to welcome a new participant to our monthly meeting call: Otto Richter from the Codeberg project. We both are from Germany, which made our communication a little bit easier. :wink: Some members here might have seen and talked to him at this year’s FOSS Backstage conference in Berlin.

Otto introduced the Codeberg project, which is a code hosting platform similar to Github or Gitlab. Codeberg is trying to build a better user experience, e. g. for designers. (Which designer does not know about the problem of comparing two versions of an image, etc.?!)
To achieve this, Codeberg is reaching out to designers, for instance, to conduct user research or design tasks. They’re so grateful for their contributions!
We discussed topics that repeatedly occur in software development projects at the intersection of requirements, design and development, e. g. different points of view of users, developers and designers and approaches to make them more understandable to each other.

I found this a positive discussion and invited Otto into our community. Hopefully, we can welcome him here soon.

For our next meeting on 3 July 2024, I’d love to see some more participants again and get to know more about where we are with our community. Who is active (perhaps in the background) for which part and what we can tackle next to build up a vibrant community that further anchors the UX idea in the open source world?


Further information:


@scottjenson mentioned, that he tried to join the meeting on Wednesday at 19:00 CET by opening, but no one was there. As far as I can tell there were also some technical problems when Otto and I joined. I don’t know how long Scott waited in the room - it would not be the first time that Jitsi meeting participants in the same room did not see each other. From my experience, the only way around this is to leave and join again. Let’s hope it did not happen to more people and that it works better next time.
Scott, if there are any issues that you brought up that you wanted to discuss at the meeting, please feel free to discuss them in this forum so that we can all share our thoughts.

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Hey @SvenPu Thanks for hosting the calls lately - I’ve been on vacation (much needed!) I’ll be around for the July call :)))

I hope Jitsi issues get resolved. The Monthly call i think has always been described as a drop in- drop out and so some folks may not show up every month or on time every month. :slight_smile: