Monthly Open Source Design call

I hope the call went well! @ei8fdb any notes or interesting topics raised?

Hey folks, I’ll be along today for the call but i’m still sick with cold/flu but didn’t want to miss it.

I’ve not made much progress with my general tasks but theres a couple of ongoing convos

  • Figma + Adobe + Penpot news
  • Internships + fellowships progress
  • Some recent comments on issues in the github (probs hacktoberfest?)
  • Upcoming conferences?
    • All Things Open
    • Prep for FOSDEM and submitting a devroom

Other topics???

In the September call, I shared updates on Open Source Comics and bringing conversations about design into the Scientific Python space!

  • Highlight OSD community in NumPy community calls, employer’s techshares
  • Getting other people/projects to make comics as well, possibility of funding to make comics with NumFOCUS Small Development Grant
  • Simon: Do comics more for marketing or documentation?
    • Comics can make documentation easier to understand
    • Comics can be used to market a product, to “sell” it
    • Where Comics Fit into Documentation, using the Diátaxis framework:
  • Belen: Could you teach other open source contributors to make comics?
    • Mars: Yes! One of my aims is to “equip non-designers with design skills to make their own comics”. At my employer’s techshare, I talked to devs about drawing warmups or creativity excercises, such as doodling in a collaborative google jamboard
    • It would be amazing to run a comic-making workshop with FOSS developers
  • Jan: Shared Unflattening, “a graphic novel by artist and researcher Nick Sousanis that was originally the first dissertation from Columbia University to be written in a comic book format.”
  • Juhan: one purpose of comics: showing the problem, showing solutions (vs talking/TLDR)

Link to slides I shared, if anyone interested in more details

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For today’s October call, I can share how I’ve been bringing design principles and practices into the Scientific Python space

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Notes from the community call on the 5th of October 2022

  • Intros & Core team explainer

  • Mars covered some of their recent work, design jams etc.

  • Nimisha asked the question of: ‘How can we involve developers in the design process more’ or ‘how to make design more accessible to devs’

    • @jdittrich Jan D mentioned about bringing developers into a design process
    • @ei8fdb Bernard also mentioned about developers coming along to observe user testing but not to be involved and have a debrief
    • @MarsBarLee Mars spoke about some of the accessible ways that devs
    • Ngoc talked about opening up their design process and being involved in the dev team circle by doing that they learn about the process and the gaps where design can help out.
    • Nimisha talked about the design docs not being used much, they look around in the same software to see how e.g. buttons look and then execute visuals from that

Some more comments from the chat include:

  • I like that it pushed one to think about process and what-you-can-show. It is very easy in a text to hide behind a big (design) word.
  • Designers can also be proactive about how we’d like to work with developers. Understanding their routines and ask to be part of their sprint/review circle/ etc as observers can be very helpful
  • In case you want an overview of non empirical methods (and how well they work compared to empirical methods as far as it is measurable): Rule based evaluation methods on Jan D.’s blog
  • These books might be of interest for you when trying to get developers interested/willing to sketch:(you’re probably familiar with these): Sketching the user experience
    understanding comics I used these books to help me when sketching. (I came from an engineering background and the idea of sketching was alien to me - I’m not an artist, sketcher) An important thing is to get across to them that sketching isn’t (necessairly) about art, etc.
  • getting developers involved also in design takes time. It’s hard.
  • Thread on Devs in UX in this Discourse (however, this is more high level focussed on user needs rather than on e.g. usability testing /jd)
  • I was wondering how if it can be made less intimidating/vague for devs, so all the advice that was shared makes sense

Please support fellow community member who spoke at a twitter spaces

JanD mentioned some news/backlash about Penpot’s VC funding for their OSS Design tool. Lots of traditional OSS arguments about funding + control in OSS. Penpot’s unique feature is that it’s OSS regardless of funding. Designers also needs to be paid which was important to recognise.


AP: Need to apply for a devroom before Oct 18th!
AP: Need to decide on 1 day and in person or hybrid - Bernard is asking questions on the matrix chat
AP: Write a post/thread about the different ways to get involved (organising in person/online, speaking, UX clinic-ing) to help people who have not done this before

See y’all next month! :wave:

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oh i took a screen grab of the OSD call I hope it’s ok to post here?

Look at that busy room :heart: :smiley:

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Hey folks! I won’t be there today as I’m at a conf (All things Open) but would love to talk about the design workshop myself and a fellow open source design did at the conf in December!

Sorry to be missing the meeting and I hope y’all have great conversations!

Lol turns out I can make it - see you there folks :smiley:

Thanks to all who joined.

Wednesday 2nd 2023 Notes

  • Eriol,Susan, Katie W, Bernard, Matthew, Juhan, Rawlins, Simon, Nimisha, Saptak, Belén, Amit, Ed

What we discussed:


FOSDEM 2023 devroom - what happens and how do I volunteer

Brief intro to the FOSDEM conf and background FOSDEM 2023 - Home

Let’s talk about what the conf is like. All across a university in Brussels - chaotically open - maintain one main track - sort of a keynote and lots of community managed rooms. Managing a dev room is like managing any conf. The timing is very strict and you cannot go over or your talk will get cut from the video recording.

We’ll put together a poll/form for people interested in volunteering. Best place for updates is on the discourse forum or on these monthly calls.

Massive exhibition hall and companies will put info tables in this ‘hall’ (also kind of corridors) you can promo projects and how to get involved. We’ve had the stand for about 2-3 years. Tell people about who we are and what we do. UX clinic → 15 mins to discuss whatever design issues they want.

Request a stand is filling an online form - if accepted we do a doodle poll for 2 hr slots for minimum 2 ppl on the stand at all times. Physical stand.

Whats involved in volunteering

Ngoc asks if anyone can apply to be a volunteer → which threads to reply to?

Make Discourse post/form for people to express interest

Superbloom scientific OSS research

They’ve gotten a grant from Sloan.

How is scientific OSS think about their users? When and how do they prioritise usability & design and how do they incorporate user focussed practices?

Desk research with Science OSS projects & OSS folks. Gonna send around surveys and have conversations about this topic.

Juhans raised questions about what open principles this Superbloom project is following within this project?
Juhan’s comment: whats your stance on the output of the work. Will it be open source?
Belen asks: it would be really interesting to crowdsource the analysis process for instance :smiley:
Juhan comment: so we need a 1st principles of Open Source Design research.
Eriol responds: It might end up being one of the continual outputs


  • picking it back up again
  • spoke with penpot about “what a software company would want from a design person”
  • belen says:I actually think penpot might be the ideal partner for running this for the first time
  • Juhan: its bi-directional obligation
  • Juhan says:your money + PenPot’s money = makes it more real.
    • Bernard - OSD says: Yes.
  • Belen says:that sounds like a fair and neat arrangement
  • Who’s interested in working on this?

Eriol and Django did a workshop for non-designers to do design in OSS

Open source designer diary studies


Hello everyone!

FOSDEM is almost upon us and we are super excited! So for this month’s Open Source Design call, FOSDEM is on the agenda. FOSDEM is run entirely by volunteers (that’s us!) and there are lots of things to do in the Open Source Design devroom for anyone who is interested. So if you want to get involved in the OSD devroom, are a speaker with some questions, or simply want to see what’s going on, feel free to drop in in the OSD monthly call on Jitsi at 19:00 CET today :slight_smile:


Excited to hear about all the ways to help :slight_smile: I’ll do notes for the call today :notebook:

Notes from the monthly call are located in the Open Source Design Nextcloud: Open Source Design

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Hi all! I’ve joined this month’s call to give a quick update on Open Source Comics!

I’ve working on a grant with NumPy and Google Seasons of Docs to create the ‘NumPy Contributor Comics’! It uses comics as a form of visual documentation, which aims to be more engaging to newcomers.

Here are some links I shared:

  1. Using virtual whiteboards for visual and non-linear brainstorming with the NumPy community
  2. Github repo with artifacts such as concept art, scripts and community meeting notes.
  3. Project roadmap, with timeline and deliverables

Nimisha wrote some great notes on the call here. Thanks Nimisha!


Thanks for the links Mars! :slight_smile: I’m gonna try to start posting the notes here again so people who are interested know what were talking about (and join in the next months :smiley: )

Summary: We talked about a whole bunch of topics today! We discussed what everyone thought about Open Collective for donations, and Penpot came up yet again as we discussed design systems and open design. Mars also shared her amazing documentation comics!

Detailed notes here
  • Intros!

    • Christoph from the Bitcoin design community
    • Amit from Google
    • Clayton from the Drupal community
    • Nimisha from Nextcloud
    • Mars from the NumPy team
  • Christoph: Human rights foundation bounty program

    • Design system on Penpot?
      • Playbook for project who want to move away from Figma
      • Nimisha: Good! Used at Nextcloud, no major complaints considering OSS
      • Clayton: Collaboration is slow
      • Open design process involving the public?
    • OpenCollective for donations?
      • Mostly good! Some issues few years ago, but all sorted now
      • Used by Drupal community as well! Nice
  • Clayton: Experiences with building coherent design systems and knowledge which can be used by random strangers?

    • Amit: It’s complex!
    • Christoph: Bitcoin design system demo! Current design system works pretty well, but it’s not an easy job
  • Mars: NumPy documentation comics for Google season of docs

Thanks everyone for joining! Hopefully see you again next month! :slight_smile:


Hey Nimisha! Can’t join to jit si chanell… Asks about access permission

Is this call still a thing on Wed at 1p ET?
(Open Source Design monthly call - Open Source Design)
I’m all alone… as usual. :wink:

I am not able to join though? A moderator has to let me in? Hm :thinking:

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@juhan, @bazylevnik0 and anyone else should be able to join without logging in now! @jdittrich and I are here :slight_smile:

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Me and @nim joined, but too late.

Let’s plan for next meeting:

  1. Infrastructure: Meet.jitsi now needs you log in. It seems to be the case that guests are still possible, but a moderator needs to log in with google, facebook or github. We could just accept that or try to find someone who provides us an anonymous instance. No matter what, we will need to update the info on top of this thread (do we also have the info on our regular website? If yes, it is hard to find!) to let people know about jitsi’s behavior.
  2. Job board. We are still with the discourse job board (the old board does not work anymore, due to a service being discontinued; Maybe we also lack the knowledge how excatly it works/worked?). It is still open whether we continue with the current solution or revive the old job board somehow. We made some small changes recently to the discourse job board:
    1. Directing the website’s /jobs route to the discourse job board, so that old links go to the right place, too.
    2. Fix a problem in the discourse job category settings that prevented post creation.
  3. Use of our funds
    1. Someone wanted to print Open Source Design Stickers again. Excellent use of money!
    2. Back in ’21 we voted on how to use our funds and financing an internship was our choice. However, it turned out to be quite difficult to pull off; among other things for difficulties of bureaucracy and the need to have the internship specified fairly detailed before orgs would consider participating. In my opinion, we would need to decide if we can allocate the time to do this work or if we want to reconsider the use of the funds – since the internship is a) a large amount of money and b) outcome of a voting it is blocking other uses of the funds (except for smaller <100€ use)

O, I have some thoughts about 2. And it is important for me cuz I spend time for finding job and have some saddness thoughts about it, even in popular spaces I mean) Next month same time, ye?

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