Monthly Open Source Design call

Me and @nim joined, but too late.

Let’s plan for next meeting:

  1. Infrastructure: Meet.jitsi now needs you log in. It seems to be the case that guests are still possible, but a moderator needs to log in with google, facebook or github. We could just accept that or try to find someone who provides us an anonymous instance. No matter what, we will need to update the info on top of this thread (do we also have the info on our regular website? If yes, it is hard to find!) to let people know about jitsi’s behavior.
  2. Job board. We are still with the discourse job board (the old board does not work anymore, due to a service being discontinued; Maybe we also lack the knowledge how excatly it works/worked?). It is still open whether we continue with the current solution or revive the old job board somehow. We made some small changes recently to the discourse job board:
    1. Directing the website’s /jobs route to the discourse job board, so that old links go to the right place, too.
    2. Fix a problem in the discourse job category settings that prevented post creation.
  3. Use of our funds
    1. Someone wanted to print Open Source Design Stickers again. Excellent use of money!
    2. Back in ’21 we voted on how to use our funds and financing an internship was our choice. However, it turned out to be quite difficult to pull off; among other things for difficulties of bureaucracy and the need to have the internship specified fairly detailed before orgs would consider participating. In my opinion, we would need to decide if we can allocate the time to do this work or if we want to reconsider the use of the funds – since the internship is a) a large amount of money and b) outcome of a voting it is blocking other uses of the funds (except for smaller <100€ use)