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  • Go to Jobs - Submit a Job
  • Jobs must be related to work on a Free/Libre and Open Source project.
  • Posting requires an account for this discourse forum (signup via github possible!) → [create an account](Open Source Design)
  • Follow the template that you get when you click “new Topic” the job category. Alternatively, click this new post link.
  • Your post won’t appear immediately – the forum is moderated (Please refrain from posting it to another category)~~
  • Please remember to archive or delete the post when the job is no longer open or needed.
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Update early 2024: The old job board is up again, so job posts are not created as a forum post anymore

Old info: We have/had a job board that we could post to via a form, but the job board is down at the moment, so posting the jobs here directly is our alternative until the form is fixed.