Introductions (come in, say hi)

Hi, I am Sven Puschmann.

I work as a leader and software developer in Germany’s public sector.
My experiences are in working with people, software development, IT administration, documentation, translation, project management and graphical design plus some knowledge in UX and service design.
In my past, I already contributed to some FOSS projects.
I understand both the designers’ and engineers’ points of view and try to bring UX into the development world. I aim to improve products as well as services. To achieve this, I’d like to learn from experienced UX practitioners and get more practical experience in the whole UX research and design process. This is why I gladly found and joined this community.


Hello @nolo and @SvenPu :slight_smile: Great to see you here! If you’re interested, we have a monthly call on the first Wednesday of every month where we talk about various open source design related topics! The next one is next week on the 3rd April at 19:00 Berlin time, in the Open Source Design Jitsi room.

Feel free to also check out the other threads on the forum and don’t hesitate to share your own thoughts as well :slight_smile:

Thank you, @nim, for welcoming me! I guess you mean 3rd May. I’ll be glad to be there! Is there anything I should know about or be prepared for as a newcomer to this meeting? Best, Sven

Hi all, my name is Juan Miguel and I’m a recent graduate from the University of Michigan, with a bachelors degree in UX Design. I’m eager to join the open source design community to work on cool projects and meet new people, but I’m a little lost navigating the forums and communities since I’m just starting. I would love to meet or email with somebody for guidance! Please reach out if you could help me :grinning:

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Hi Juan,
Welcome to the forum! Yes, it is not always easy to navigate, since the community exists since quite a while and has diverse interests. I sadly do not know whether we have community members in Ann Arbor who might want to meet.

Usually, a good way to start is with interests you already have outside of this community – maybe improving open education material for learning UX, academically researching design in open source or helping to improve a particular open source software. The best way to directly talk to people is joining the regular design call. There will be some organizational topics but usually there is enough time for a chat and adding a topic important to you to the agenda.

Hi everyone,

My name’s Lozana (or Loz, for short) and I’ve been following this community for a while (had the great pleasure of being on the SOS design podcast last year!) but never formally joined the forum. I have a background in digital design and currently work as product manager for open source research software at the Open Science Lab, TIB, Hannover. I also contribute heavily to the Wikibase and OpenRefine OSS communities. This is also why I’m writing here today – I’ve joined the Outreachy cohort this year as a mentor and have a very exciting project focused on developing sustainable design contribution workflows for newcomers to the OpenRefine community. I have a lovely intern working with me on this project – her name is Lydia and this is her intro blog to the internship experience.

I’ll let Lydia introduce herself here, but I just wanted to say that we hope we can rely on feedback from the design community here as we navigate new waters for the OpenRefine community over the next few months… Stay tuned for more and help me welcome Lydia into the wonderful and exciting journey of doing design for OSS products :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I’m Lydia, a UI/UX designer and I’m super excited to be part of the May 2023 Outreachy internship cohort, contributing to the brilliant OpenRefine project.

My mentor, Lozana invited me here, and I couldn’t be happier to join all of you.


Great to have you @Lydiaofficial and @lozanaross join us!
Looking forward to read about your experiences – and feel free to ask the community here if you need advice/exchange about experiences/…


My name is Peace, and I work as a product designer in Nigeria. I have been in this field for one year now, and I’m thoroughly enjoying my journey so far. What excites me the most is the potential of open-source projects. By engaging with fellow designers through these initiatives, I can enhance my portfolio and gain valuable experience that will greatly benefit my career prospects in the technology industry. I am fully committed to investing my time and effort into continuous learning and growth.


Hi all!

I’m Somto Kingsley by name in Lagos, Nigeria.
A UI/UX designer with so much passion for creating useable products for both web and mobile in line with user’s needs.

I came into Open Source after attending OSCAFEST 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria, I never knew there existed open source for designers until during the conference and I am really glad I attended the conferences. It was a great experience for me to have met up with fellow designers, those around my level and above.

I am most excited about productive additions to open source design, collectively creating solutions that would enhance easy living for all(I mean all age brackets).

Thank you.
Looking forward to so many productive contributions while I am here.
Nice to be here


Hello @Peacefulpeace-byte
Hello @Somtokingsley

Happy to have you join us!

  • Have a look at previous posts in the forum to see what people are interested in – and start own topics. We have quite some meta-discussions about the state of design in open source, but we also welcome other contributions e.g. helping each other out with particular problems or brainstorming on (design) ideas.
  • If you want to post jobs or would like to work on (paid and non-paid) jobs, have a look at the jobs category.
  • Read the code of conduct

Thanks for having me

Hey this is Jaljith Sreenivasan from Kerala India. I am a Mechanical engineer and a design enthusiast who wants to build great product experiences.


I’m Rhoda, a Product Designer, and Writer based in Jos, Nigeria.

Looking forward to connecting and making contributions to the open-source community, here’s my GitHub username: the-techgurl.


Greetings, everyone! I’m Akshay, a Product Designer with 5 years of professional experience. Throughout my journey, I have made contributions to WordPress Design, and I’m proud to have organized and hosted a WordCamp event for three consecutive years as a Core Organizer.

One of my passions lies in contributing to open-source projects. I firmly believe in giving back to the community that has nurtured and supported me. It brings me great joy to share the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired throughout my career. By collaborating with the community, I not only contribute to its growth but also continue to learn and evolve alongside fellow contributors.

Hello @Jaljiths, @Na-bi, and @iamakshayvinchurkar! Really happy to see you all here! Feel free to take a look around in the other threads in the forum to see if any topics interest you, and share your thoughts if you wish to do so :slight_smile: If you are interested in working on open source projects, you can check out the job postings on the forum, they have some cool volunteer as well as paid roles available :slight_smile:


Hi guys name is Charles i prefer being called Charz though young in the filed of UX/UI (almost 2 years experience) I come from Uganda (very hard to find designers from here :laughing: also i am not working at any company at the moment. I joined open source because of my love to learn about design and how far open source contributions can help build the field. Feels overwhelming in here :laughing: as most of the people here seem to be having alot of years of experience however i will be glad to learn fro everyone thanks



My name is Rob and I’m a designer working in healthcare at Lantum, where we build products to help ease the staffing and scheduling crisis in the NHS.

It feels so good to be back on a forum-like platform. Everything about it reminds me of phpBB and vBulletin days. Can we have forum signatures here?

Anyway hey!


Hello there!
I’m a product designer that has worked on design systems for the past 6 years now.

I am hoping to get into FOSS and contribute more to the community through design (or development where I can).

Glad to join and be a part of the community!


Hello @charz , @heymynameisrob and @Caramel Thank you for introducing yourselves on here, welcome! :slight_smile: If you haven’t gotten a chance to yet, you can check out the different topics on the forum, we have some really interesting discussions! You can also take a look at the job category if you would like to work on open source projects, there are both paid and unpaid jobs.
We also have a monthly open source design call on the first Wednesday of every month at 19:00 Europe timezone (the last one happened today!). It’s open for anyone who’s interested, so feel free to drop in, it’s a lot of fun :slight_smile: