Introductions (come in, say hi)

Hi there Aaron :wave: welcome welcome!

You can typically find the most recent topics in the Design Lounge area. Common topics are accessibility, Open Source Design at conferences and events regarding OSS and how to submit to those or creating talk/workshop content for them. But really everyone has different focuses for their work! so it can be a real melting pot of conversations at the monthly call or here on the forum - if you want to raise a topic at the monthly call or on this forum you’re very welcome to start a conversation :smiley:

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Hi there, I’m Otto and currently diving into User Research and UX in general.

I’m 22 years old, living near Berlin and sometimes even studying there :slight_smile:

My primary role in Free Software ecosystem was being a developer, maintainer and project manager until recently. Over time, I started to realize that good software is about more than good code. Me being frustrated by some “new technology trends” recently was the trigger to actually spend more time learning about UX design than doing code.

I’m the executive director of the non-profit Codeberg e.V. where we run a software development platform called, powered by donations only. It is basically a liberated alternative to Microsoft GitHub.

The platform is powered by Forgejo, and I’m deeply involved with this project. I started doing two rounds of user research sessions for the project and currently try to apply my takeaways to improve the software itself. A quick summary can be found in the latest monthly report.

At Codeberg and Forgejo, we are shifting our focus to better design and improved user experience. Three of us attended FOSS Backstage Design earlier this year and already got to know some of you in person.

Looking forward to participating in this forum - and learning.


Hi Otto,

welcome to Open Source Design! We‘re glad to see you here!


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we are shifting our focus to better design and improved user experience.

Thats great! Any things you look into in particular? Any challenges? If you like, open a thread, tell us and get (if you want!) some ideas from the community!

Yes, I’ll probably create some threads about this-and-that soonish, after looking around a little.


Welcome! lovely to have you hear and excited to hear about the user research work and I’ll try to find some time to delve into your documents :smile:

If you’d like to be added to a regional team I can do so - we have a team for Berlin Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

No pressure though this is mostly so folks can see whom else is local to them in the open soruce design ecosystem.

Glad you enjoyed FOSS Backstage Design - I’m excited for it to hopefully happen again next year!

Hi all :wave: My name is Joseph and I’m a UX Designer based in Texas, USA. I’ve been doing UX since 2018 in startups, agency, in-house, and pro-bono community work. I believe in the principle of open source, and would love to contribute as a Designer. I function more like a generalist nowadays doing research (mostly exploratory user interviews and usability tests) along with doing deliverables, maintaining our design system, and pushing for UX strategy. I’ve mostly worked in smaller teams with low UX maturity.

I’m excited to meet others and learn more! Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to chat! I can’t promise a job, but happy to help any way I can.


Welcome Joseph! We’d love to hear your experiences as a design in OSS - have you made contributions?


Hi Eriol! I’ve done a lot of pro bono tech work in the states, specifically more community oriented, and the closest I’ve contributed to open source was a project where we attempted to streamline the volunteer process. I contributed as a Project and Design Lead. If you’re curious here’s the documentation/design system: Getting Started | Voma. Here’s the Github: GitHub - code-312/Voma: Repo for frontend of Voma

I’ve long since left the project after we completed the MVP but it was a great project that we worked on for a couple of years.