How to improve collaboration between Dev and Ux designers in an open source project?

Hello! We are Gianantonio and Serena, two service designers that lately have been researching about the “hot” topic of Dev and Ux designers collaboration.
In particular, we’re interested to deepen this interaction in the the context of Open Source. There’s a Github wall we would like to break or at least…study.
In order to do that we would be very happy if you could share with us your experience, both bad situations - we are always looking for user needs - concerning tools, communication, onboarding ecc. and best practices that helped you through it or that you have seen others put into practice.
Thank you in advance, we hope that we will soon be able to provide you the Vademecum that we wish is going to help you in the next experiences.
Have a nice day!


I think here you likely refer to having UX and Dev collaborating more closely on Github, I assume.

But where imho it gets really interesting with regards to breaking walls and open source is breaking that glass barrier that traps everyone and my dog in the Github ecosystem. It always strikes me when I see some vendor release their product and treating Github as an ‘enabling technology’, instead of another product they integrate with. Github is a Code Forge platform, and surprise, surprise, there are a bunch of others to choose from when it comes to that :slight_smile:

Though that will never happen, as Github support seems to be ‘just enough’, nothing more needed. Dominance of Github is growing and growing as a result. They have open API’s, but effectively you are locked in to their platform by the wide range of features they have gathered there, of because you have other vendor tools that only support Github as well.

Now this isn’t just a rant post to point out my frustration to this. There’s some really exciting stuff happening that may bring change here: The democratization of the software development lifecycle by open-standards based tools!

The popular FOSS code forge Gitea just started with adding federation support to their project. And for a longer period before that two other projects are also looking into federating code forges. They are forgefriends and forgeflux (who share a forum). What does forge federation mean, you may rightfully ask?

With federated forges, or further in the future with an open Free Software Development Lifecycle (FSDL), it does not matter where you develop and what tools you choose to do so… you can always collaborate with anyone else that uses their own tools at their location of choice. That is Huge! A grand vision that may become a reality. And it needs good UX designers to envision how that may work in practice :smiley:


@Gionni this is great. The timing is perfect :sparkles: There is one concrete UX task that has not yet been formalized. In a nutshell it is about adding the ability to open a new issue on a Gitea instance that reflects / mirrors an issue on GitHub. So that one can use Gitea to contribute, instead of GitHub.

If this is appealing to you, I will happily describe it in more detail. What do you say?


And learned the Penpot basics :slight_smile: