Open source design needs better collaboration tools

From Open source design needs better collaboration tools – Open Source Design (Studio Spring, 2017-03-27):

… to improve the user experience of open source software. Because open source software development is distributed, certain critical infrastructure is necessary. I am talking about a way for designers to share and build upon ideas, interact, reach consensus and collaborate with other designers and all the other stakeholders involved in the creation of software.

… dedicated platform for designers to discuss open source design in general (box number 3), so I have merely exercised my imagination to describe its characteristics. Reddit has a forum for open source, and StackExchange has a UX forum, but I would argue the tone and nature of discussion is different from what we have and need here. Finally, the last box (5) is a totally different platform, which I described earlier as a collaborative design and development environment. This would be a platform that takes in to account the unique characteristics of open source software and ideally would be built from the ground up as a platform for design, for all stakeholders.

From the author of the article, under Strategy for OSD’s goals, user base, platform and growth · Issue #73 · opensourcedesign/organization:

… there will be plenty of other topics to discuss :wink:

That’s true, but I’m seeding this topic early – and refraining from categorisation – because the article should (amongst other things) encourage early adopters of this forum to think freely about:

  • how the evolving forum might best meet the wishes and requirements of diverse stakeholders

– in the short, medium and long terms …