How to conduct a proper UX Process on Github?

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I am starting this post after research, and unfortunately, I did not find an answer to my question on our forum.

I familiarised myself with the following topic, but it did not provide answers I am looking for:

I want to ask:
Do any of you know any examples of Proper UX Process conducted on GitHub?

I understand that UX Designers could simply start to code and apply their findings using any language, but it is not always possible. How to share findings? I did not find any project on Github where UX Process was published and organized in any form. I imagine it in some way that UX Designer creates a pull request with proposed changes based on data, then chances are accepted or rejected by the community. But I could not find any examples.

I shall highly appreciate any help! Thank you in advance :wink:

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Do any of you know any examples of Proper UX Process conducted on GitHub?

GitLab does a lot of research and seems to document it on their platform.

However, they might not edit as you propose, by creating pull requests and them being accepted or not by a community. One reason for not seeing a lot of processes done in this way might be because such a process is not practical from the perspective of the people/roles involved.

For example, git is not necessarily the ideal tool to share research findings or ideas, since it is very text/code focused. It also might not be very practical to suggest each edit then rejecting or accepting it (which works great for code) since it leads to high costs, much like doing everything inside a company as if on a “free market” is costly.

This being said, if there are designers who also have programming and git experience, a git-based-workflow might be right for them.


When I was at Ushahidi I heavily documented the design process we went through as a remote dispersed team here:

well…as much as I could get away with and that was funded to do via grants…

I would not suggest it’s in any way a ’ Proper UX Process’ but it’s certainly a UX process that was done and maintained by a team.

Please note Ushahidi did not have at the time any OSS design contributors in the community so we couldn’t test it with contributors.

We did try to then evolve a process through the work we did in our project we called ‘Open Design’ (please don’t judge me for the name we had to pick something)

maybe some of those things will be interesting?


@jdittrich @Erioldoesdesign
Thank you guys for your answers. You are awesome!

There are a lot of materials and it will take me sometime to digest them.

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hi all! thank you for starting this conversation and sharing your experience. There are some great resources in here. I’m a designer currently collaborating with the Open Food Network, and trying to help them set up a design contribution workflow.
It’s a hard job :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted and share my lessons as well.

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Hey @itsamemario (love this username btw!) I’d love to hear more about what you do and Open Food Network. You can officially introduce yourself over on the Introductions pinned topic: Introductions (come in, say hi)

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