Haven't been getting email notifications or summaries

Is the email server for the Discourse instance perhaps broken or something? I came here to share a link and found 13 notifications since I’d been here, most of them a couple of months old. I went to my preferences to set email notifications but that setting was already on. I also had a weekly summary setting, but haven’t been receiving those either.

@jcklpe I just received a weekly summary today :slight_smile:

Just checked back in and I have not received any notifcation emails for the reply by @Nolski

And while I would like the weekly summary, I mean just getting notified when a subject I made gets a reply. I’m getting nothing.

@jcklpe I just received an email notification on this thread from your reply. Perhaps your email provider is marking them as spam?

I got a system notification saying that stuff was being bounced. I signed up for the forum with my github account, and my github email has changed, and the old email was deleted so I updated it. Thanks!