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I see that promotion of the forum began last week, so let’s rationalise the contact stuff ASAP. describes itself as a repository, it’s not (it’s a representation of part of a repo).


  • is outdated
  • directs readers to five GitHub identities for forum administrators.

– it should be better for the Discourse part of that content to simply refer to:

Critical issues and urgent matters

Readers are directed to – debatably, not the best starting point (I should not treat Twitter as ideal for urgent communications, and so on).

Would you like to use the core@ address instead?

Rights related to content, privacy, and laws for Terms of Service redirects to a page that (unless I’m missing something) does not cover privacy or laws.




Yes, that is a problem I just stumbled upon, too. @admins – core@… would make sense, doesn’t it?


It’s a hosted instance so the need to urgently use the contact e-mail should be extremely rare.

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yeah that’s exactly what core@ is for.


I raised the issue in GitHub:

@staff would you like to make the change?

You can probably remove the http:// URL –

From 2015:

If removal of the the http:// URL does not have the required effect, then maybe experiment with a mailto: URL.

The website is the best starting point for means of contact. Note that core@ should not be used for any contact, but only for private matters, that’s what it was set up for. There is a separate contact email field which is correctly filled out with the core@ and described as:

Email address of key contact responsible for this site. Used for critical notifications such as unhandled flags, as well as on the /about contact form for urgent matters.

So it’s also on the /about for urgent matters.


… I should not treat Twitter as ideal for urgent communications, and so on). …

– that leaves three other contact methods:

  1. Open Source Design · GitHub
  2. (requires registration)

– someone who’s experienced with those three things might know how to treat them in a contact-like way but personally, I don’t think any of the three are suitable for urgent or critical communications.

I don’t know what would be urgent or critical enough that would make a difference between contacting us via the e-mail address or contacting us via twitter or sending a DM on here, to be honest.

But we can highlight that on a /contact/ page on the website? Maybe someone can create a ticket for that there detailing what they would expect it to do? I don’t think a contact form is possible with our current infrastructure.