Paid internship with Discourse (via Outreachy)

I noticed Outreachy was previously discussed here, so I figured I’d just bring to your attention that Discourse is participating in Outreachy this year and we have one slot open. I’ve posted about it on the jobs board:

We’re looking for a HTML/CSS designer who’d be able to create a new Discourse theme:

We’re also looking for Ruby-programmers but I figured those are not that common in this community.


Hi Erlend, designing a new theme for Discourse sounds really cool. I’ve seen the job submission, but I guess people from OSD didn’t respond since we are already accustomed with Open Source and I guess the program’s purpose is to involve people that are not.
Still, thanks for creating this topic, since it’s increases the program and application visibility.

Its main purpose is to provide groups traditionally underrepresented in tech with internship opportunities. Whether or not an applicant has been involved with open source prior to applying is not important.

We’ve already had one applicant via OSD, so the extra exposure is already helping. Greatly appreciate it!

@erlend_sh I shared this opportunity with the Harvard Women In Tech Group. I hope it helps. Thanks for letting us know!

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