Trust levels and visibility

@studiospring (administrator) please, do you see withdrawn/deleted post 23 under Bootstrapping the Open Source Design Discourse community - TODO list?

(Written by me, redundant, withdrawn by me, scheduled for automatic deletion in twenty-four hours.)

@simonv3 you were promoted to trust level 4 thirty days ago so I reckon that you, too, should see the withdrawn/deleted post linked from above. Please confirm.



I see a message telling me that the post has been withdrawn and to be deleted.

Perfect, thanks.

Just one more, hopefully: does your (trust level 4) view of Forum guidelines and terms of service, Open Source Design by-laws and code of conduct reveal anything withdrawn or deleted?

(It was just the two posts, by me, as far as I recall. Both present, nothing deleted.)

I see two regular posts and one hidden post but nothing withdrawn or deleted.

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