Adding Discourse "checklist plugin"?

I’ve started working ont the FOSDEM Devroom application.

I’d like to turn the non-checklist checklist we have in the FOSDEM 2019 thread into a proper actionable checklist.

I see there is an “official” Discourse checklist plugin available.

Since our Discourse is kindly supplied by Discourse, do we have permissions to turn this on?

Any idea? @jan, @evalica, @belenbarrospena others?

I don’t see a way to enable that plugin on the admin plugins page. It’s not in the list of basic plugins so I assume we would have to upgrade to a paid plan / business plan to be able to install that plugin.

(cc @erlend_sh for confirmation :slight_smile:)

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Ah, yes. OK I wasn’t sure what level/tier service Discourse provide us with. Thanks @jan.

I’ll wait to hear from @erlend_sh.

Hey. Unfortunately I just got word that this plugin will only available on our Business tier.

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