FOSDEM '24 Open Source Design devroom CfP is out!

Call for participation is out! Thanks to @gvlx @Erioldoesdesign and @SaptakS for reviewing and merging! :slight_smile: If you’re interested in speaking at FOSDEM look no further! :smiley:

We also have a thread on the forum if you have questions about attending, volunteering and other logistics :slight_smile:


Hi. I would like to submit a talk, but the pentabarf website does not offer the “create event” button (as shown on the help page), even after creating, validating and login in an account (tested on Firefox, Chromium, Safari, on Ubuntu and MacOS). Am I missing something? [I tried to ask this question on the forum post linked from the CfP, but got no answer, so I am trying here, since the deadline is soon So you'd like to speak at FOSDEM about UX Design but you have some questions - #19 by nojhan]

Hey @nojhan :slight_smile: this year FOSDEM is not using the Pentabarf tool, it’s Pretalx now!
You can directly use this link to submit your proposal: FOSDEM 2024 :: pretalx

Just make sure you select “Open Source Design” as the devroom :slight_smile:

I was lost between 2023 and 2024, indeed. Thanks for the help. Submission is now done.

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Just submitted one. I’d like to share how we’re trying to work towards (financial) sustainability in the Bitcoin Design Community with our new foundation (using Open Collective). It’s been quite an effort this year, and might be interesting for other projects and initiatives.