Feedback: Creatives, Just Say No (to Subscriptions)

Hello All,
I thought I would seed this article among this community first. It is the beginning of many articles aimed at explaining why and documenting how our studio uses free and open-source software in a professional application.

Any feedback is welcome!

Many good points, two minor remarks:

  1. I feel unsure if the underlying problem is subscription or rather the monopoly and lack of interoperability.
  2. As you wrote it does not apply to Adobe, but if I e.g. mainly work with [some nice software] and need to work on a project where they use [other software] is is great that I could pay 3 months (assuming it is cheaper than a full perpetual license is/was)

Good feedback @jdittrich. Thank you. I think you are right. It is the combination of subscriptions in a monopolistic market that is the problem. I should probably be more clear about that.

I need to revise this based upon some other feedback as well. Thank you for taking the time to look at it!

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Hi @ryangorley

This is a great article. Thanks for writing and sharing!

I also think it would make a great talk for a mainstream design conference :slight_smile:

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That link is broken. The article now lives here: