Designers without borders?

Hi all!
I was wondering if Designers without borders existed or has ever existed?


Not really sure what you are referring to. There are some companies / organizations that call themselves with that name (we are not affiliated with them), but maybe you are talking more metaphorical? :slight_smile:
Are we talking about country borders? or maybe CSS borders? :slight_smile: anyway, whatever you are talking about, I’m sure it existed :slight_smile:

Gosh I really should have been a bit more detailed!

I was thinking around the idea of Engineers without borders and Doctors without borders but for design. I did a search the other day and only found a company/agency that was named that (which wasn’t what I was looking for)

So for sure country borders (not CSS borders!) and apologies for my lack of detail in the original post!

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We are not related to the “without borders” movement. Our focus is more on open source design, not necessarily the international aspect. You can read more in the Goals section. We are affiliated with FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe), EFF (Electronic Frontier Alliance) and wanting to be also an OSI (Open Source Initiative) affiliate.

If you look at the teams we have in the GitHub organsation (and they are not complete in any way), we can surely say there are no ‘borders’ :slight_smile: but I’m still not sure what you are looking for :slight_smile:


@Erioldoesdesign yeah, there’s actually Creatives without Borders :slight_smile:

There’s also a bunch of other similar organizations, some great ones to look through.

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Thank @jan Jan! That’s what I was hoping for/looking for :slight_smile:

@Erioldoesdesign cool! Let us know your experience if you work with them or get involved there. I found it pretty interesting looking at their page and statements but didn’t look much further into it yet. :slight_smile: