Open Source Design + Adobe + Designit

Hi everyone, Eriol from Ushahidi here.

I’ve spoken to a few of you in the monthly call last year and at MozFest 2018 about how Ushahidi Design team is tackling the ideas around open design contributions.

It’s definitely time I updated you all on the project updates :slight_smile:

So Ushahidi, Designit and Adobe XD partnered last year in July and this year in February to run two ‘design jams’ a kidn of hackathon for designers but to focus on Ushahidi’s tech for good tool TenFour.
You can read/watch a video about those here and here

After these events the 3 orgs (Ushahidi, Adobe and Designit) started talking about how difficult it is for designers collaborating on OSS for lots of reasons. No versioning in tooling, Tech/Github proficiency barriers, complex design needs that require more than a few hours of contribution etc.

So we put together a proposal to Adobe’s fund for design to tackle these problems.

We received a 4 month project grant to tackle these needs through methodology of design collaboration, publishing/writing, events and an ‘abstraction layer’ concept to feed into Adobe XD. As well as using TenFour (Ushahidi’s crisis communication tool) to test whether the OSS tech needs to be non-profit/tech for good to gain substantial support from designers to contribute design to the OSS.

You can track the workload in our repo here:

I’d very much like to have the folks here at Open Source Design involved in how this is project progresses.

Please reach out to me for a synchronous chat on my calendly link here if you want to talk about this :smile:…