Deployed my first portfolio! Suggestions on improvements?

Hey everyone,

I put up my first portfolio and would really appreciate some critique on my design (I’m nowhere near a professional but I like creating my own designs).

It’s supposed to follow a “business card” -esque aesthetic (although that didn’t go too well due to the length) which should explain the lack of graphics and minimalism. I did create all the assets used in cards so there’s that. I’m up for any improvements or thoughts that you feel like.

(Also this isn’t self promotion or anything of the sort, just asking for a design review. If it breaks any rules, let me know and I’ll remove this thread)



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P.S @erioldoesdesign you wanted to take a look at my work but this wasn’t up at that time (literally deployed it an hour ago !). You can look it up here and let me know if you think I can have a future in design lol.

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Took a look at your website quickly and I like it (though I noticed that the Gatsby link is not exiting correctly :wink: )

You’ve got some solid design skills for easy to understand visuals and great layout skills :slight_smile:

Is there anything you’d like to practice more of or get experience of in design?

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Hey thanks for taking a look. The Gatsby link was a design choice of highlighting the word, not a link. I realized it’s confusing so I’ll just make it a link I guess :slight_smile:

Appreciate the compliments. I want to get into wireframing and creating mock layouts but I’m not exactly sure how to “learn” efficient UI. Dribble helps out with inspo but I can’t create good designs for apps from scratch. What do you suggest I should do?

(I mess around on XD but I still prefer PS for mocks because it’s more familiar.)

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Ahhh I see yeah i got confused because I thought it was a link that didn’t work haha!

Hmm yes, that’s something that comes from having a UI project to work on with some mentoring usually! Dribbble is nice for pretty things (not that pretty things are bad!) but most shots lack the screen to screen flow and the intensity of finding small UI/interaction design solutions.

If I didn’t have 5 mentees already I’d offer to help, as soon as one of them ‘graduates’ I’ll reach back out to help but maybe another designer here with UI exp can help?

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Thanks for the offer but I’m in no hurry to start learning design right now (also because college is overwhelming these days). Maybe in the future perhaps? I’d love to learn under you.

Till then I can spam this forum for help with design ideas haha.

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