Q: Where do you find design contributors for your projects?

Hey everyone!

Context: I’m helping out a small open source b2b survey tool called Formbricks grow, and since they don’t really have design contributors, I reached out to the founders directly and offered my help. We set up a design repo at Formbricks a while ago, trying to make it easy to navigate and friendly for beginners: from a small insights library to case studies and the different ways anyone can contribute.

Challenge: finding the people to join is much, much harder than I thought it would be. Obviously, senior peers didn’t want to jump in, they’re too busy and don’t see how that could help them in any way, but even junior designers who are struggling to get a project for their portfolio to land the first job are quite reluctant.

I’m quite far from burning out, but I feel like without someone else on board, I’m at risk of getting tunnel vision, not to mention, working alone just isn’t as fun or productive as with someone else on board (and I’m missing a chance to learn from other designers and improve my practice and the project/process).

Question: what would be the best approach to finding new design contributors for the project? How do you convince (too strong of a word, I fear) other designers to join your project?

Thank you!


How can i be part of the design team?

Here’s my email

Hey! You’re more than welcome: please check out the repo, pick the issue you’d like to handle, and take it from there :slight_smile:

There are step–by–step instructions available in the repo as well, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions! Cheers!

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I think it’s as simple as making posts like this, and telling us what the project is about.

With that, I’m an open-source design contributor and always eager to join projects that require designs skills.

Let’s get to work!!

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True! I was indeed hoping to find more contributors on this forum, so if you’d like to join, I’d be more than happy to see you with us! Cheers.


Yes. I’d like to join. I’d be going through the repo to understand what the project is about. I have no idea about it at the moment.

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Hi Kristian Mikhel,
I’m a Product Designer.
I’m interested, although this would be my first time contributing to a
Open Source Project.

Hey folks! To everyone who has responded to this thread: I really admire your passion and appreciate your desire to join an open source product. We have a number of open issues and design requests, most recently for a filtering page design.

If you are still interested, please check the details and reach out to us on GitHub or Discord. Thank you!


It’s quite a challenge to find people who are equally excited as you for open source or any private project also my thought is if someone wants to help then they will join unless it’s very difficult. I am interested in this project let me know how can i contribute

Hello @kotsky , Am UX/UI Designer,i would love to get more insight on your project and also contribute … Cheers