How do I get started with open source design

I know its a very general question but From past few weeks I have been scouting for Open source projects on the internet and though I found some but I’m confused on how to contribute on those.

If anyone here has a framework or story on how they started as in open source design, I would love to know that.

It is very hard to get started with Open Source Design “in general”. One way “in particular” would be to see which open source software you like to use and then have a look if their communities have e.g. a subforum or a mailinglist on design. Read these and find out how others think about design in that project. This gives you a good foundation to find problems and be able to suggest solutions.

Design in open source projects feels (imho) rather different than professional design. In professional design there is usually interest in getting you to solve a problem and people try to tell you the problem. If you get such a task, there are also people who act on your design (e.g. implement the interface you designed). Both is not necessarily the case in open source design: Design problems first need to be “argued into existence” so that they are recognized by others in the community; then you might also get other community members convinced enough so that they might help with implementing a design.


yeah, I think that’s the issue open source design as of now. But hey anyways thanks for the idea. I’ll try to get into design community of the open source products I use.