Open Source Design 500

(Philip Durbin) #1

Over in IRC @tessgadwa dropped a link to an interested article by Gregory Wolanski called Open Source Design 500 that lists five hundred open source projects in need of design help based on GitHub issue labels.

He says, “Yes, I’m going to open-source my code. Give me a dozen days. I need to clean it and write a decent README file.” I’m looking forward to that code being published because his list ends with projects that have 126 stars and I’m interested in learning why my day job project with 226 stars wasn’t included. Since he asks, “Is it possible to do a GitHub search for current issues labeled ‘ux’, ‘ui’ or ‘design’ and sort them according to the number of stars awarded to the projects?” I’m guessing he’s only catching exact matches whereas my project happens to use a label of “Status: UX & UI”. I assume we’ll find the code under

It’s a nice list and a great idea. Thanks, Gregory!

(Jdittrich) #2

Great idea. I just looked at the list, and I think the impact could be even better if the links would directly lead to the list of UX issues. But if the code is published, it should be easy to do. Maybe even a dashboard with UX-issues of the day?

(Gregory Wolanski) #3

Thanks @tessgadwa!

I’m glad that my work got noticed. Longtime lurker here. The “choose-your-own” style of membership isn’t easy. I’m working on it.

You’re right, Philip, right now I’m catching only exact matches. I plan to work on it. Thanks!

Also, thanks, Jan! I’m already working on a dashboard with UX issues.

I started with simple Open Source Design 500 list because I wanted to find out if anyone would be interested in such source of inspiration.

Right now I can write that the reception is so good that I’m not only going to not call it a done side-project but make it my first looong-term side-project since years and one of the 2-3 main ways of my involvement in open source design.


Thanks, and welcome.

(Philip Durbin) #5

Maybe I can send you a pull request for non-exact matches. I dunno. No promises. :slight_smile:

I thought I saw something on your website about mentoring designers. You’d be very welcome to start a new thread about that.


Given that Github is now owned by Microsoft - maybe it makes sense to consider Gitlab issues, too?