Submission to State of the Source Summit

On a whim, I have submitted a session proposal about OSD to the State of the Source Summit ( It might be good to be present there :slight_smile:

This is the abstract I sent:

What is the state of design in open source? In short: not very good. This presentation will touch upon the understandings and practice of human centred design within the open source community. We will use as a reference the design contribution requests submitted since 2015 to the Open Source Design jobs site (, which provide a rich snapshot of how design is conceived by open source projects and the role it plays within them.

And the details of the presentation:

Since 2015, Open Source Design have advocated the importance of human centred design to the free and open source software community. We have been surprised by the warm reception to our presentations, ideas and workshops, but there is a big gap between agreeing with the principles of human centred design and incorporating them to our open source projects. There are big systemic barriers to the introduction of human centred design practices and techniques. Between them the lack of experienced designers willing to contribute, the long and steep learning curves they face before they can make meaningful contributions, the difficulties of engaging users beyond existing contributors, and the lack of open source tools for interaction designers. This presentation will introduce the subject of human centred design to the open source community, describe the intitiatives already in place around it, the barriers we have encountered to our practice so far and some possible ways to address them.

There is time to make changes. If you want to suggest any, comment here.