Adobe acquires Figma

Really want to convince my workplace to use penpot full time. I loathe Adobe and I think this should be stopped as a matter of enforcing anti-trust law. But I doubt it will get enforced.

What’s the worse that can happen!? #FigDobe :laughing:

Now that Figma is becoming FigDobe, as a user, what would you like to do?
  • Stick with FigDobe. I like Figs. :mango:
  • Print out all my wireframes and go back to paper :scroll: :pencil2:
  • Switch to Balsamiq :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Plead with Penpot to build a Figma file importer, then persuade my boss to move there :pray: :hole:
  • Retire from UX and go farming avocados in the Mojave desert :avocado: :desert:
  • Break down and cry :sob:

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(I know I know it’s a mango. I couldn’t find a fig emoji.)

I guess the market (i.e. software for people designing software) isn’t big enough for them to enforce it? There are alternatives, not many granted, but they exist.

Anti trust isn’t enforced in America due to specific shifts in interpretation of anti-trust law in the 70s, in part due to the writing of Justice Bork who stressed that monopoly wasn’t bad if it benefited in improved “consumer welfare”. Link wiki article on Bork’s book.

At least that’s the narrative I took away from this podcast episode on subject, and my related reading: Antitrust 2: The Paradox : Planet Money : NPR

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Would be amazing if we could all rally behind PenPot and get the tool box of our dreams to happen. Might take years of blood, sweat, and tears, but there seems to be no other way.


I beg to disagree. I think this could be much better than blood, sweat and tears, it could actually be quite enjoyable! I’m not planning to spend the next few years in utter suffering :sweat_smile:

I think we’re onto something big here not only for Penpot but for open source design in general.
But yeah, it will take a lot of work and imagination, that’s for sure!


lol @ this :joy:

You certainly have the community support here Pablo, do let us know if/when and what we can do to more actively support PenPot :heart:


Well, I’m really looking forward to enjoying a great FOSDEM conference and discuss this in person but I guess my top 3 priorities (shared with the rest of the team) are:

  1. Use and promote Penpot in open source contexts where designers and developers are already collaborating. We need to see more of that and learn for those interactions and needs. Penpot shines when used by teams but it has to shine even more!
  2. Spread the word across the non open source design world. The recent news about Figma sent shockwaves to this amazing community and there’s an opportunity to share with them why open source and open standards matter so much.
  3. Helps us shape our ambition to deliver a truly accessible design tool to people enjoying very different cultural and digital contexts.

Now, in your particular case, Eriol, you have helped us already so much by participating in our “naming survey” and lobbying hard for Penpot! Haha! I’ll never forget that!

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