Open Source UI Prototyping Tools

This one seems pretty decent!


Actually just found another here. I’m converting this into a list topic similar to the other ones I’ve made

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We just added penpot to our resources page and yeah, a lot of us have been excited about it :smiley:

FYI looks like Quant UX isn’t on our resources page if you’d like to make a PR to the page to add it? Resources - Open Source Design


Will do. Have the resources from the other list topics I made already been transferred to that page?


Not sure! worth checking that they’ve been added or not :slight_smile:

BTW just wanted to drop by and give a review for Penpot and Quant UX

Penpot is much better than Quant UX. I would put Quant UX as being about as robust as using or lucid charts for prototyping. It seems to have much more robust UX testing features but I personally wouldn’t not want to use it, considering how much a pain in the ass it is to use.

Penpot is not too bad! It’s lacking some key features though like states (in XD) or variations (as called in Figma). There’s no ability to add hover state mock up in the prototypes. But even so it’s still a project worth watching! impressive what it does have considering it’s so new.


Love these quick run downs! would you be up for a longer opinion article that we could post on the website maybe?

I’m not sure if I have much else to say about it, to be honest :sweat_smile:. It’s still in alpha so most of the features I would suggest are already on the docket for them.

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Fair enough! if you ever think you wanna write an article though please do consider it as we’d happily publish :smiley: