Add your resources to the Figma Open Design file!

Hey folks :wave:

Because I’m that person I made a channel on the Figma slack all about open (source) design and one of the members of that channel started this:

I know OSD has a resources section too but if ya’ll feel like adding to this file your talks, resources, links etc. I think it’d be good :smiley:

the channel in the friends of figma slack is #open-design if you’re there and wanna join.


We use XD at work but I want to get more into Figma stuff espc for it’s collaborative powers.

This is awesome!

Maybe it would be a good idea to reach out to more design tool centric companies and see if there are open source design type projects they might have or be willing to support? I know Lyft recently put out a kit for illustrators and stuff.

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