Speaker at Designers Connect

I’ll be speaking on Contributing to open source as a Designer at the #DesignersConnect2022 hosted by the Friends of Figma Africa, Uyo Chapter.

It’s been a myth that open source is for Developers only but we are changing that narrative by enlightening designers on how to contribute to Open source Projects with an easy onboarding process


Awesome work! let’s keep spreading the news about open source design and get more African designers into the space.

Interesting @Joynels-Ogbogu good luck with the talk. Do you know if the conference will be available online? Streaming or recorded maybe?

Yes, it will be streamed live.
Here’s the link for the event below

Yasss very cool! can’t wait to watch :smiley: ah is there a recording? I seem to have missed the live event :sob:

I signed up to ask for a streaming link but didn’t get a reply. It’d be great if there was a recording available. :+1:

Hi Eriol and Bernard, sadly, i couldn’t speak on the day of the event but I’ll be having a virtual session with the Friends of Figma community next month. I’ll do well to make a post and share the link here before the event date.

Thank you so much for anticipating my talk, you give me so much confidence


Ah pity! OK well good luck with it next month. If there is a web conference link, please do post it and I’ll try to attend it.

Good luck for next months event! excited for you :smiley:

Hi @Erioldoesdesign @ei8fdb, I’ll be speaking on a twitter space today for Designers ready to contribute to open source by 7pm WAT. You might want to join in too. Thank you😊