Call For Design participation

Are you a UI/UX designer looking to contribute to open source and flex your design skills? is calling for volunteers to help with the website redesign. See tweet below. You can join the community on Slack.


Hy, i am interested in this role

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@Maya welcome, Maya Welcome to the chapter. Please follow the tweet to the job posting, but don’t forget to keep an eye on the conversation because we’ll be posting more things like this.


Yeah, thank you… I recently sent them a message yesterday though and i’m still waiting for their response

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I will message them on Twitter and join the Slack channel. Thank you for this info, will update as time goes on.


Hello, I also send a email in Twitter but there hasn’t been a response just yet.

I was contacted via Twitter and a UX contributor form was shared with me. Has anyone else got an update?

Yes yes, i just got a message from them too

If they’ve already contacted you, you can wait until Monday. The number of designers required is unknown to me.

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I need to update this since I’ve gotten a response and I’ve been added to their slack channel. The Figma link has also been sent for me to join.

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