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Role: User research, interaction design, visual design

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Hey Folks,

Just in case anyone is interested in this project I’m the design lead at Open Food Network and looking at building out the OSS design processes and capacity. We have several different ways that designers can get involved on Open Food Network projects from visual design to research etc. and it’s open to proposals right now as to what you as a designer want to focus on.

We have a ‘design circle’ community meeting every two weeks on Thursday’s at 09.00 GMT and the next is on the 11th of March 2021.

This is a great opportunity if you’re looking for bigger pieces of UX/UI, research or product design work for your portfolio and you haven’t got strict/short timelines. There are also smaller projects around illustration, icons and identity work we’d love to have contributions on.

Hi! I’m Mathew Wong and I’m a designer and illustrator and I would like to contribute my illustration skills to the Open Food Network.

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Hi! I’m Mital and I’m a UI/UX designer. I would love to work on UI or visual designs for Open Food Network.

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drop me a message and i’ll follow up :smiley:

I’m interested , passionate Ux Designer :sparkles:

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Hi! I’m interested :star_struck: I’m a junior UX/UI designer with the technical background

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Hello, I’m Princess a UI/UX Designer and a budding UX researcher. I would love to contribute my skills to the Open Food Network.

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I would be glad to assist you.
Sent you an PM. Please check it.

Lauren Wilson

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Hello there! I’d love to help too! I’m a UX Designer with particular interest in research! :smiley:

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For those interested in helping out the OFN then we have an onboarding calls happening every two weeks at two times 09.00 GMT UK and also 20.00 GMT UK time.

The next dates in 2021 are: 25th March, 8th April, 22nd April…and ever two weeks.

Please also give this page a read and join our slack group so you can be added to the calendar invites for meetings and keep up with the design processes and discussions:

Hey Eriol! Thanks again for your help! I’ve just joined the BookProject so I’ll concentrate my efforts there for now but I’ve kept the links you sent me for the future!

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