The next Open Source Design Summit

This could be 2020 online or it could move into 2021, either way, it’s worth starting a thread about our thoughts as a group about what we would want to see at a next summit.

Especially since there’s likely lots of information from the past summits!

Thoughts and ideas welcome :slight_smile:


I’m on the outside of this community, but an online event would be more accessible for me in 2020 than an in-person event. I’d be interested to participate in an online event focused on OSD.

I’m pretty new as well. But there might be something in having it online, particurarly with infection prevention. Most organizations in Norway has decided to have their summercamps and the like either online or not at all for example.


2020 online summit sounds great and much more accessible. Would love to have it as interactive as possible with the community!


As someone very geographically distant from the rest of this community, I’d love an online event!

I would get a lot of value out of skill-sharing workshops, eg. learning how to conduct a UX audit - I remember you sharing a great 101 resource about this in the past @Erioldoesdesign , and it would be cool to kind of ‘look over your shoulder’ and discuss as a group as you go through the process.

I’d be happy to run an SVG animation workshop too.


Revving this thread with some thoughts i had about my dream Open Source Design summit:

I would like to see a mixture of:

  • Talks from the community from 15 mins to 1 hour depending on their content.

  • Product demos (penpot, inkscape, blender, gitlab design management).

  • Workshops or hackathons on OSS that wants design.

  • Specific work doen on the OSD needs e.g. website, repo merging, article and docs writing, governance, sticker making etc.

  • Advocacy sessions where we discuss and do work (open letters to) to promote OSD in certain space e.g. GSoC, Outreachy, Fellowships, Big tech, Design software orgs, OSS projects etc.

  • Casual mentoring and chatting about what you do as an OSD.

  • Specific sessions to help OSS projects out with general OSD knowledge.

What would make a great Open Source Design summit for you?


I like these ideas. I am most interested in learning more about the ways we design without thinking about design. To put it another way, a lot of people I work with in Open Source think of “design” as graphic design, visual assets, and front-end web development. One of the things I have learned over the past couple years is that design is those things, but it is also so much more.

This isn’t a very concrete answer, but I want to tease out the theme that everything we do is design. I think I heard that idea first from @Memo_Es. :grinning:


I love these ideas!!! Especially I think the workshop on OSS focussing on design is a really unique and great idea that will be fruitful for both projects and open source designers.

I believe you mean the general concept of Design Thinking.
I totally agree and it would be amazing if there could be ways to assist open source teams to collaborate in such ways.


Hi everyone! I’m new here. :slightly_smiling_face: When will the next Open Source Design Summit take place? I would love to help in it’s production and see if it is something we could do in hubs.

No dates yet! we’ve been speaking about holding another summit since September last year but we’ve all been busy with our jobs etc.

Would love to talk more about hubs sometime though!


I can’t wait for the Open Source Design Summit

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