Open Up Global Summit - Taiwan - September 2020

Open Up Global Summit Taiwan

So last year I did a workshop at the first Open Up Global summit conference in Taipei Taiwan on open source design and they reached out towards the beginning of this year for my help this year too.

With all the corona virus problems, they’re considering going online (not yet widely public) and reached out for me to help curate and host the open design track of the conference. They’ve given me a minimum of 6 hours of the potential 24 hour Open Design track to help program/curate.

See some info on the conference here:

2020 Theme

The theme for 2020 is “A Better Life with Open Source”

Open Up Global Summit want talks related to our daily life, covering:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Entertainment

It could be any form of open-source implementation like:

  • Open Data
  • Open Design
  • Open Access
  • Open Hardware
  • Open building
  • Open architecture
  • Open education
  • Open music
  • Open gaming

During the epidemic period, we also witness how Open Source has helped the world to fight against the virus.

What I’m asking the Open Source Design community

  1. If anyone would like to help me by being on a deciding committee with the talks/workshops that are submitted. Like what we do with the room at FOSDEM

  2. If anyone wants to submit a talk/workshop to the conference for the Open Design track, please start thinking about what you might submit and send any questions you have to me (Eriol, via DM here)

  3. If anyone wants to submit to the other tracks (not open design track) let me know and I can find out information on how this is being curated.


I would be keen to help out since there are so many great events now moved online and it has given people like me opportunities to get involved. Let me know the best way to get int touch :slight_smile:

Also, since I can speak Mandarin, if you need any linguistic support I am also happy to assist.


I’d like to do something around the open building/open architecture theme.


I’ll reach out to the organising team and get you some details on how to get involved in the building/architecture aspect :+1:

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This is awesome news! I’ll drop you a dm here with my prep plans :slight_smile:


I am interested in two things

1.To be on the deciding committee with the talks and workshop submitted, and

2.To submit a talk for the workshop.

Can both work?

I speak Mandarin too🥳

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Where did you learn to speak Mandarin? :slight_smile:

I guess as long as you are not on the committee deciding the talks in the same category or topic that you are submitting a talk for then there’s no conflict of interest?

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Sure I would love to be in both!

@plushzilla I learnt Mandarin Offline and Online
Though I paid for a class :slight_smile:it has been such a great experience

Seems like you learnt Simplified Chinese :smiley:

你怎么练习中文? Do you have a language exchange partner?

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Yes man
That is simplified Chinese
You caught me😂

I have lot of language exchange partners

@Erioldoesdesign I haven’t gotten any response yet

Hey! sorry for the delay! you certainly can help select talks and submit a talk but the rule we used for FOSDEM for talk submissions was that you cannot vote for your own talk to be accepted :sweat_smile:

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How can I get started? @Erioldoesdesign

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Hey folks!

So I’ve had an update from the organisers and their website is now updated to so check it out:

So please can people who are interested in applying for a talk use this form from the conference:

Talks are 20 mins long, workshops are 1 hour, how to’s between 30 mins and 1 hour, panel’s 30 mins and product demos 10 mins.

and in one of the form fields (description of your talk) can you mentioned you came via OSD and/or Eriol Fox and you’ll be 'assigned; to my part of the open design track.

I also encouraged the organisers to accept ‘casual how tos’ so like what was offered and the Libre Graphics conference where you can share your screen and do a ‘tutorial’ or a ‘walkthrough’ of how you do some kind of open-source design process! I would love to see these :smiley: these will likely be pre-recorded and not ‘live’ but a live Q&A afterwards. You can submit via ‘workshop’ on the form if it isn’t updated yet but mention it’s a ‘how to’ session

Also, I’m looking for people to be on a panel speaking about open-source design and would love volunteers. Ideally, at least one person who’s been around ‘for a long time’ one person who’s relatively new to open-source design and then two more people in between. It’ll be a general panel on the state of open-source design/design.

Please let me know if you have more questions! if you can try to get the submission in before the end of July that’d be great

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Is there still room for organizers, i would love to be a part of the team

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Any space to volunteer and organize?

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Hi there! I can certainly ask if they’re needing more volunteer support, especially for the West Africa/Central Africa and Europe timezones. @brownie can you drop me an email on please :slight_smile: