Scribus and the Indigo project

Scribus is an open source Page Layout (DTP) program that has been around for many years.

A few years ago, Martin has started the Indigo project, with the goal to propose a bigger rework of the Scribus user interface.

His final proposal can be found in these slides.

Everybody, agreed that the ideas in there are good, but “nobody” took the time to create patches that could be accepted by the Scribus team.

Earlier this fall, I’ve started implementing his proposal, piece by piece.
The first bits are already in:

  • There is now a Content (CP) and a Properties palette (PP)
  • The “Shape” panel of the PP has shrunk.
  • For the “XYZ” panel there is patch that is waiting for being merged.

I’m currently working on the *Line" panel and the next step will be the color picker.

Many things are straightforward to implement, some are challenging for the programmer, others must be tweaked and, finally, there are parts that are better done in a different way.

Jan got in touch with me for a different Scribus topic and suggested that Open Source Design could get involved in the implementation of the Indigo project.

This morning, we had a chat and we agreed that I will be opening issues in the job board and we will then collaboratively produce job descriptions that can be published as jobs.

Your welcome to comment in the issues or in this thead.

I’m eager to see how we can further improve Scribus!


P.S.: for the curious ones, this is how the Indigo project has been collaboratively created in the Scribus forums… Be warned: it’s an interesting but massive discussion!