Nominating underrepresented people for 2018 Free Software Foundation Awards (screenshot below) is a good reminder that more women should be nominated for the Free Software Foundation Awards but we should consider people from all underrepresented groups:

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Within our Open Source Design community, the following people come to mind:

(I’m cutting off this list because I got “Sorry, you can only mention 10 users in a post” and there’s a long tail of people who have spent less than a minute on the site according to )

Did I miss anyone? I think the rest are white dudes like me. :confused:


Thanks for coming up with the nomination list. Looks fine.

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Ok, I just nominated @victoria-bondarchuk because she seems to give great talks and makes sure Open Source Design has a presence at FOSDEM: Call for Participation: Open Source Design Devroom at FOSDEM 2018

These are the talks I linked to:


@pdurbin Philip, thank you for reminding that FSF gives an award and for making it more diverse. It’s very interesting to go through the list of the winners. I don’t see myself as a contributor to free software, I’m just curious about the culture. And I hope too for more diversity not only in IT but in open source community.


If nothing else I hope the nomination helps put design more on the FSF’s radar. :smile: