Idea for a yearly awards event

Hi, I had an idea for an awards event for libre software.

It starts as a forum post where people can suggest and vote on software for various categories and rankings. The results gets posted and made into a big thing.

Then this can be used in various libre news articles and stuff.

This could bring more attention to opensource design, be fun for the community as well as a way to affect and influence libre software, like for example if someone wins “worst branding” and so on.

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I’ve been thinking about something similar for - certainly some categories would be a good idea. But we could limit ourselves to FOSS in visual/spatial design related fields, for example:

  • 3D modelling
  • Technical documentation
  • Raster graphics
  • Vector Graphics
  • Animation

I think nominations could be public, and we could have a people’s choice category - but I think the actual winners should be chosen by experts in their field. I also think it’s fits with the purpose of bringing eyeballs to FOSS if we restrict winners to once per 3 years. Otherwise the same projects would just win year after year.

What do you think about those thoughts?

We’d have to be more mindful

more like “worst UX/UI” and “best branding”

making categories like that - Animation, vector graphics, raster graphics - is the easiest way to make it as unengaging as it could be done.

I certainly wouldn’t support something like ‘worst …’. That’s a totally different award and should applied to non free software, like “most closed” “worst interoperability” “worst value for money”.

Can you suggest some more categories? At the moment I’m not sure I see the advantage of categories like those you mention if that means excluding functional categories.

Please add some more arguments, I assume you’ve thought a lot about this. Do you have some experience or expertise we can draw on?

The point is to be relevant and even be featured in libre news. That means it has to be engaging.

But also the point is to give opensource design influence on design in the opensource world. An easy way to do that is to vote what is the best and what is the worst.

So the GIMP project being known as the opensource project that has the “worst branding” makes them have to look into it and maybe change their ways. And when it is the worst" doesn’t need to be the objective worst buut the notably worst