Need help for an Open Source project about securing Linux systems

Hi all,

I have started developing a tool called Unoon which can monitor all processes on a Linux system (for desktop users), and provide notifications for processes connecting to other systems (servers). This will help in case a malware is trying to connected to C2 server, or someone managed to get a reverse shell or web shell on your system.

The wiki page has the initial idea details and current screenshots from the desktop application. is the initial blog post I wrote a few months back.

I need help with usability and actual look feel of the application, i always counted myself as a bad developer in these scenarios. And the desktop application in the current state looks really unusable.

I am wondering if anyone can help me with this.



Hello @kushaldas

One thing that would be helpful is sharing your thinking of who would use Unoon in which situations. This can be very useful in finding out where possibilities for improvements are.

So maybe the tool is used by…

  • an experienced sysadmin to find if there is a malware in the first place
  • a forensics expert’s use
  • a person who is curios about malware and system processes in the first place

They all might have different information- and workflow-needs.

Another thing that you might have tired already is compliance with human interface guidelines, e.g. Gnome’s or Windows’.