🛠️📐 Map your design job in FLOSS

Hi, I made the diagram below recently for a talk. I made it quickly as a kind of scoping of what my role as a designer involves, one year in. I came back to it later and found it an interesting format. I’d love to know how other designers “job maps” look like, so posting it here.

FLOSS: Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

edit: added a clarification of what “FLOSS” means.

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@davidbenque this reminds me of my talk: The role of a designer in a startup To your question, are you asking like what are our JTBD as designers? And also, do you mind making the terms FLOSS accessible :blush:

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@ngeshlew of course, added a clarification. By the way I don’t know what JTBD means :smiley:
thanks for sharing your talk, will have a look!

Cool exercise! Would love to do one on a shared template maybe?

My role for sure involves more invovled product strategy, UX research and also a whole lot of community management and growing the sustainability of the OSS design contributions ‘team’.


Yes @Erioldoesdesign a template is a good idea! I used draw.io for mine so sharing the file as you can add pages.

Does this work? https://app.diagrams.net/#Hdavidbenque%2Fjob-maps%2Fmain%2Fdesigners%20in%20floss.drawio

Alternatively download from Github and edit on draw.io

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I made mine :smiley:

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Wow! amazing! super interesting to see.

I’ll rename the topic to encourage others to take part : )

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I’m wondering if we can make a section on the main Opensourcedesign.net website for Designers to upload these as good examples of what open source design roles can include