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Role: 'Web design'

Improving the design of the blog page

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Hey Foss Responders,

I would love to help you with the UX and web design for your website.
Please email me at for discussing your requirement.

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Hey Foss
I would be available to work on the Web design at anytime
This is my mail

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Hey both! I’ve had a few offers fro help come through on this and I’ll get back to you in the next 2 weeks with how to proceed :slight_smile:

hello Foss Responders

I am a UI UX designer based in Abuja and i am available to work anytime ,I can be reached here for further discussions
Email -

Hey Foss,
I am a UI/Ux and web designer from Nepal. I would like to work in the project. Here, is my email for further discussion.


I am a UX/UI Designer from Toronto and I would love to help out in any way I can. My email is

Hello Foss,
Not sure if the application is still on, if it is I will be glad to help. My email is

Hey folks! just to update on this job - the Foss Responders projects is/has been in a holding pattern for about two months while the organisers recover from some burnout/intensity.

There will be updates on how it moves forward within the next two months :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, i am not sure, if this job is still available or applicable to me, i am a CS student from Penang, Malaysia and i would like to help/ contribute on UX design for your webpage for free. you can contact me on have a nice day.

@XuaiZhe01 This job went on hiatus as the project is also, on hiatus until further notice.