Jobs - UX design for video review interface

Role: usability

A set of recommendations for, and/or a mockup of, an improved reviewer interface page.

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Hi Wouter,

I am so glad you posted this. I used the page myself, and I was thinking of suggesting a new design!
Getting speakers to review their own talks is a brilliant idea, and there is really cool functionality in that page. I just think users need a bit more “hand holding”. Well, at least I did :slight_smile:

I have a busy week ahead, but I might be able to work on this next weekend. We might need a few iterations though, since I am not sure I fully understood all the options available in the page. But I can suggest something to start with and we can take it from there.

The only thing I would need is a review page that I can look at again. All our devroom videos are already published, so I can no longer access the review functionality. Is that something you could set up?

Hi Belen,

I have a test setup on for which I’ll be glad to give you an account so you can play with it etc. It also will be much easier to work on than the FOSDEM instance (which is running in production, so don’t want to touch that too much) and so ideal if we want to do multiple iterations.

Please contact me by mail to get that set up.

Sorry I missed this, Wouter. Got your email with further instructions :slight_smile: