Jobs - Design review for mindfulness application

Role: 'Interaction design'


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Hey there, can we talk about the vision of your website as well? I have just checked it and there could be some improvements but also I want to know more about the application itself since this is the main reason why you posted the request.

Thanks in advance.

Is this project still available?
I have experience with design review and I could provide help on this.
Please let me know.


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Yes we are still looking for designers! Sorry for the late reply. We have had a hard time finding designers and honestly it’s been blocking the project. I’ve updated my email address in the jobs posting, please contact me there (or we can discuss here if you prefer). My email: tord(at)disroot(dot)org

Kind Regards, Tord/SunyataZero

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Hi, are you still looking for people to do design reviews?

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It’s totally worth reaching out to these folks on the email they listed in the job which is:

:smiley: good luck

thanks for the tip! I’ve sent an email to them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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